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Audit Services

Social Audits covering verification of basic Social compliance requirements like Child Labour, Forced Labour, Health & Safety, Freedom of Association & Right to collective bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary practices, working hours, Remuneration

Safety Audits covering General safety, Fire, Disaster, Electrical Safety, Protection from lab accessories, Chemicals, Protection from manufacturing machineries, Vehicles safety, Stair cases, Exit paths, etc.,

Environmental Audits covering Environmental Management System(EMS) verifications, Legal requirements verification, Factory structure, Emissions monitoring & measurement etc.,

Code of Conduct Audits to verify Legal / Self requirements of various Buyers

Technical Audits covering Quality systems implementation in various departments right from Inventory to Despatch

Consulting Services

Having dealt with global traders of almost all the countries viz USA, Canada, European Countries, Mexico, India , Australia, New Zealand, Russia and East Asian Countries, our team has got vast experience and expertise in TECHNICAL GUIDANCE with very good knowledge about the specific requirements, trends and prospects of these markets for all the Consumer products covering Textiles, Apparels, Home textiles, Leather products, Coir products, Foot wear, Toys, Paper, Sporting Goods and Decorative accessories

Training Services

We provide ready made training services on Inspection of consumer products, AQL, Defect Classification etc., keeping in mind the common demand of industries today. Our training program fills the gap between achievable and achieved.

We also provide training services exclusively designed to suit the specific needs of our Clients, which ultimately upgrade the technical skill of their employees.

Retail Industry Services

Mystery Shopper Check for Retail Industry
Mystery Shopper check verifies whether customers are treated properly and products are being sold as intended, apart from verifying the areas that our customers exclusively want for.

Value for Money Check for Retail Industry
This check covers assessing the level of quality of products in the shopping floor. This can be of surprise or announced and by picking samples at random from the shelves