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Quality Control Services

Quality Monitoring Program (QMP)
Quality at every step in the production floor is the concept of QMP. It reduces Wastage & Risk and saves Cost & Time

We undertake this program in two modes, as opted by our clients

1. Quality follow-up per order : We undertake the orders for quality from raw material to final packing. We monitor the quality at every stage and provide technical guidance, wherever required

2. Quality follow-up per factory : We undertake the factory and pay regular visits to monitor the quality on all the production activities carried out there, with technical guidance, wherever required

Factory Set-up & Evaluation
We assist our Clients in setting their new production lines in accordance with basic Social, Safety and Environmental aspects apart from higher productivity, without sacrificing quality. We also assist in setting up of new production lines to comply with specific requirements of their customers

We evaluate the existing factory set-up for its capability to produce better quality products and for its compliance against basic Social, Safety & Environmental aspects

Quality Controller, Checker & Operator Evaluation

  • We undertake QC evaluation on their performance in the areas like identification of defects, correct classification of defects and accuracy of their judgment about a consignment. This evaluation can also be taken up confidentially

  • We undertake Checker evaluation on their capability to identify defects and on their checking speed

  • We undertake Operator evaluation in terms of quality output and production efficiency
These evaluation results can be used for imparting training to the needed employees, finding production capacity, fixing up production target, fixing up incentives, assessing manpower requirements, etc., etc

Witnessing Services

Lab Testing & Special process Supervision
We witness the testing of products in the in-house laboratory of factories; also various special manufacturing processes on our Client’s behalf, which makes our Client more confident on test results and manufacturing processes.

Lapses in some manufacturing processes may not be identified immediately after production and may cause problems at a later stage leading to customer complaints. Such manufacturing processes require witnessing to confirm the correctness of process, where our presence helps.

Container Stuffing Supervision
We supervise Stuffing of goods into Containers, where more importance will be given to identify the right goods & its physical status, condition of containers & their identification, enabling our clients to be more confident on the delivery of right goods.